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Dean Caputo Just A Kid Forged In Streetsboro

WithAnOhioBias Podcast

Show 215

Bodybuilding Legend Dean Caputo Shares His Journey And How The Northcoast Championships Is Fueled By Passion For Those Who Compete.

Are You Ready… May 26th Kent State

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Dylan Bair and Lauren First Talk Passion For Fitness and Food

  • WithAnOhioBias A Podcast For Real Fans With D and Jake

We Talk With One Ohio’s Best Couples In The Health and Fitness Industry.

Dylan Bair Registered Dietitian and Lauren First NPC Bikini Competitor Talk About Building The Bair Aesthetics Brand While Having Fun With Food and Travel.

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Monica Caputo and Michelle Krause Talk About Growing The Northcoast Championship

WithAnOhioBias A Podcast

For Real Fans With D and Jake

We Say Happy Mother’s Day

With Monica Caputo and Michelle Krause 

Sharing The Details Of Ohio’s Fastest Growing Competition

Arm Wrestling, Bikini, Bodybuilding, Figure, Model Search, and More

At Kent State University May 27th 

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Tomara L Watkins How Can You Pose For Success

WithAnOhioBias A Podcast

For Real Fans With D and Jake

NPC Judge and Certified Personal Trainer

 Tomara L Watkins 

Buckeye Pro Amateur Posing Clinics

The Roles Partners and Sponsors Play

Along With The Team That Can Help You

Find Success By Striking The Right Pose

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