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NFL Week 12 Preview Show



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1-5 mock

Round 1: Luke: I took Graham because he was the Best player available and he had the highest x-rating ( the difference between the amount of points the player you take gains over the worst staring player at that position.) I don’t prefer to take a TE in the first round but I felt that could get value later in the draft.

Paul: I love the 6th spot this year. You either end up with Forte, Lacy or Megatron and none of those are bad choices. I keep going back and forth over which of these guys I would take if they were all available but for now I have Forte, Johnson, Lacy.

Round 2: Luke: Giovani Bernard is probably my favorite pick of the draft. He gets lots of catches and will be the feature back with lots of upside. With no BenJarvis Green-Ellis to worry about, Bernard is…

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