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Browns Kevin Stefanski Wins Major Award

Kevin Stefanski Is Coach Of The Year For 2020

12-5 Record

Was the only first-year coach with a winning record.


Had the only playoff win of first year HCs.

Didn’t lose back to back weeks.

Led the best Browns offense since returning in 1999.

Rejuvenated Hopes Of Lifelong Browns Fans While Building The Love With Tge Youth

In The Book Super Bowl 53 Special

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Jake Sofranko Talks Super Bowl 53 Picks, Info, Insight, and Trends with Mike Young of CG Technology


Panthers vs Browns Preview

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Show 233

We Talk Baker Mayfield’s Bad Day In Houston and How Browns Can Bounce Back Against The Carolina Panthers

Battle Of Ohio

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Show 229 CLEvsCIN Preview

Garret Staples Is Back To Help Breakdown All The AFC North Action Between Browns and Bengals