#VoteIndians Write In Lonnie Chisenhall


There I was on my couch watching Lonnie Chisenhall boot another ball.  “You stink” I grumbled at the television.  Of course Lonnie was up in the bottom of the inning with bases loaded and one out, only to roll over on a pitch, hit it directly to the shortstop, Bang 6-4-3 inning over.

Lonnie’s first few seasons in the Bigs, was a journey that began as a can’t miss prospect, to disappointment, then almost an afterthought by many.  But Wait What? with Season of Dreams 4 upon us, Now Enters #TheLegendofLonnieBaseball

I killed him, so did Tribe fans everywhere who were justifiably frustrated with talent not realized.  #Chizenballs hit .225 11 hr and 36 RBI in 94 games last year.  Now though, we are stunned by a player who has matured into the most dangerous hitter in the Indians lineup.

While us fans were crucifying him, all #LonnieBaseball did was stay humble.  Accepted the demotions, never barked back at his critics or fans, just kept working hard.  Now we have a 25 year old Third basemen who in 52 games this season is hitting .388 with 7 hr and 32 RBI’s.  Now #SirRakesALot is in Cooperstown well at least his bat made the journey.  How quickly things change,  from you stink #Lonnie, to Folk Hero #LegendofLonnieBaseball in eight short months.  As a proud member of the fan overreaction society, glad to share my admission of guilt and part played in chastising this gentleman.

Is he going to win the batting title? Probably not. Is his glove going to remind anyone of Travis Fryman? No.  But #ChicksDigTheLonnBall does however deserve to represent the American League as one of the best players during first half of MLB season in Minneapolis.

So this is a Rallying Cry!  Use your phones, tablets, and computers!  Like a young Dennis Kucinich who also took time to mature would say “Vote early and vote often”.   Spread the word Indians Nation!  Please Join Us and Write in Lonnie Chisenhall for American League All-Star!  Then we can watch from our couches and local watering holes #theLegendofLonnieBaseball continue to grow at the MLB All-Star game!

Vote Now



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