WAOB Reacts To The Return of Lebron James

We Share Our Thoughts With You On The Return of Lebron James

         The Keys to the Kingdom

LBJ pic

They say time heals all wounds. That theory was put to the test and proved to be true at 12:22 pm EST on July 11, 2014. Four years after LeBron James left for a conquest in foreign lands the King has come home to rule his Kingdom.

Oh how the tide has turned. The circumstances are eerily similar but the script is flipped. Miami is the roster that is lacking, Pat Riley comes off as desperate and bitter with comments like “You gotta stay together; if you have the guts, and you don’t find the 1st door and run out of it”.
Now the Cavs are on the come. We have a very flexible roster, cap space, draft picks, and young up and coming stars in Kyrie and Wiggins. The talk is that Kevin Love is a very real possibility and if they do land Love, we will have a big 3 with the most potential since Magic joined Worthy and Jabar and the Lakers became “Showtime”.

We are set up for one of the greatest if not the greatest redemption stories in sports history. This time around we get a matured seasoned winner who knows what it takes to win championships. Even more importantly it’s how LeBron transcends basketball in so many ways.

Northeast Ohio is a particularly hard working, family oriented, loyal community, but one of our hang ups is the insecurity of our perception around the country. This goes largely unsaid or greeted with a screw you, we don’t give a shit, but we do at some level. This is a victory that will be second only to a Cleveland championship team. The return and the inspiring words that unveiled a look into the mind of James and his true thoughts. He explained how this all went down and what brought him back and it was exactly what needed to be said and felt like a rallying cry for the community. A community that has enjoyed some great teams and fun times, but have suffered through those teams runs seeming to always end with a title; a title that started with THE… As for our big name free agents, the ones we drafted and grew up with, we saw them walk away for the big money. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we have THE Return.

“The Return” is about so much more than basketball and Championships, not to say those are not important, they are very important, but think of the impact the King’s return has on the community. The economic impact will be staggering. Restaurants packed, shops bustling, an enthusiasm and buzz, national exposure, and an overall sense of energy that will not only be there on game nights, but will be felt as momentum for a city and a community that has needed to restore its one time brimming self confidence and, can do mentality that had defined us for so many years.

Our sports teams don’t define us they rally us. Our character defines us, our compassion defines us, our thick skin and the subsequent sense of humor define us, more importantly our determination. We don’t live on a beach, with apologies to Lake Erie which is lovely. Our climate doesn’t average 76• and sun all year. We don’t have famous landmarks, or movie stars. What we have is an exciting young football team with a rock star rookie QB, we have a contending baseball team with a player that exemplifies the spirit of Ohio, and now the greatest basketball player in the world who happens to be one of us. We have the greatest sports fans in the world and some of greatest people, and now we have what we deserve. The beginnings of a Cleveland sports renaissance never seen before. #Believeland


LBJ trophies

Past Present and Future


Nobody is perfect, ergo we all make mistakes, learning from those mistakes is what makes us better. Clearly everyone has realized the Decision staged event was a mistake, so was Dan Gilbert’s letter, and the burning of jerseys. Lebron has the right to choose where he wants to play basketball, and of course Cavs Fans are happy he has chose to return to Cleveland.

As a critic of Lebron James, who never wanted to even talk about a return, it was because I knew no matter what words were said He had to make the decision. No amount of wanting it or debating it would make this happen.   It will take some time to let it all sink in but there’s no question impressed with the words, and more importantly his actions.


Like most of you I played basketball in backyards, neighborhood parks, high school gyms my talent was no where close to the future collegiate, and NBA players that I shared the court with . But one thing remains true in Basketball since Naismith nailed a peach basket to a wooden board to paraphrase Bobby Knight  “teams win not individuals”. Yet it seems most Cavs fans don’t care about this tried and true paradigm they blur the line of an exciting display by a great athlete with winning. Clearly the Cavs were better when Lebron was here but his assessment was that the team as constructed could not win a championship. That has not changed, the current Cavs Roster needs serious upgrading which is currently happening.

Cavs pursued LeBron with a sense of urgency in one month not seen in last the 4 years, with trades happening at the speed of light.  Lebron has chosen the most difficult path to cement his NBA legacy, the Cavs must help him with veteran leadership. The time to win is now and we can’t wait for talent to develop, its necessary to maximize every opportunity created by his return.  The goal is to build a team that can defeat the Spurs and win an NBA championship. Kevin Love NBA veteran who averaged 26 ppg 12 reb 4 ast wants to be apart of this! Cavs fans have drawn a line in the sand on the possible trade of Andrew Wiggins, but he is a 1.75% gift that we can exchange for Kevin Love.  Win now at all cost should be the mentality and bringing an All-Star to the Eastern Conference to lessen the burden on Lebron James does that.

FutureLBJ Kevin Love

To the Clevelanders that were caught flat footed when Lebron left, were then forced to realize an economy can’t be built around an individual. A huge boom in economic impact will be seen again but hopefully does not circumvent efforts of the true development of Cleveland. Lebron James is not the answer to Cleveland’s woes, his return just creates opportunities that should be maximized. My sincere wish is that people do not become lazy while reaping the benefits of his return instead they should double down their efforts with the vigor necessary to make Cleveland Great. Please don’t go back to being witnesses instead of the being active participants in the ingenuity to spark a viable city.

Lastly the many goals mentioned by Lebron James include being an NBA owner, and successful businessman. By coming back to Northeast Ohio he has a great chance of making that come to fruition. Hopefully his team creates a mini madison ave advertising hub in Cleveland by cross-marketing all their clients who play for the Browns and Cavs.  Numerous real estate and development opportunities abound for Mr James to invest in. He should look to mirror the savvy acumen of Jamal Mashburn and MagicJohnson.  We can all agree that his return is truly bigger than basketball because more is at stake than ever before. 

“Nothing is given everything is earned, you work hard for what you get” Lebron James

As Always Go Cavs!


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