Who Truly Got Snubbed!!


Commentary By WAOB Social Media Contributor Michael R

Everyone knew that Kobe Bryant would get voted into his last All Star game. However with his stats in serious decline and his team sitting with a record of 9-40 would he have truly made the team otherwise? A question we may never truly know. screenshot_2016-02-09-14-58-52.png
Dwayne Wade along with his teammate Chris Bosh joined Kobe by getting the career nod as well as. Even Carmelo Anthony made the game without being top ten statistically in points,rebounds, steals, assists, and or blocks.
Not starting but selected by coaches are Klay Thompson whose team boasts best record in the NBA at 43-4, LaMarcus Aldridge whose team is 39-8, and Jimmy Butler’s Bulls at 26-19. This trio with leading in statistics and on playoff bound franchises.

But who truly got snubbed, it would have to be Paul Gasol who is 6th in rebounding and 5th in blocks in the NBA while scoring in double figures. Next is Damian Lillard who is 6th in scoring, and 7th in assists and has put his team in a position to make the playoffs despite them losing four starters from last years team. Ricky Rubio who is 5th in assists and 3rd in steals yet since his team is only 14-34 there are way more deserving point guards, and or Hassan Whiteside who is 5th in rebounding and 1st in blocks yet his teammates who didn’t make a top ten in these statistical categories got the all star nod.
Two rookies actually made the top ten in these statistical categories, Kristop Porzingis who is 7th in blocks and Karl Antony-Towns who is 9th in blocks.


Being a Cavs fan it was hard only seeing Lebron make the team, yet I knew Kyrie Irving had not played enough to deserve a spot.  An argument though could be made that Kevin Love does as he is 8th in rebounding, averaging a double double, and help guiding the Cavs to the best record in the East at 34-12.


The NBA is considering giving the all star game a fresh look when it comes to how players make the team and maybe even the voting.Would be nice if they took players based on their stats as to top leaders in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks rather than just popularity.

In closing I decided to see what rosters I could come up with that was truly fair to the players—

East: J.Wall, I.Thomas, K.Lowry, P.George, D.DeRozan,Lebron James,K.Love, J.Butler, P.Millsap, P.Gasol, H.Whiteside, and A.Drummond

West: S.Curry, R.Westbrook, C.Paul, D.Lillard, R.Rondo, J.Harden, K.Durant, A.Davis, D.Green, D.Cousins, D.Jordan, and K.Thompson