Not Taking The High Road Anymore


barkley-jordan-412467Charles Barkley Has Long Been Defender Of The NBA’s Jordan Era Where His Legendary Career Was Forged. When Defending Jordan, Barkley Definitely Isn’t On The Level Compared To Mike Lombardi And Jason La Confora Media Parroting Of New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. Somewhere Between Shtick And Opinion Sir Charles Has Been One Of Lebron James Harshest Critics. As A Reminder The Round Mound Of Rebound Did Carry Water For Angry Cavs Fans Upon Lebron’s Departure To Miami.

bad-january-lbjRecent Venting Of His Frustration About His Team Who’s Coming Off A Terrible Month Where The Cavaliers Have Loss More Than They Won. Lebron James Fired Back At Criticism  To Defend His Respect For The Game and Legacy.  What Does This Mean For The Cavs? Hopefully, They Get An Angry Lebron James Who Might Use This Distraction As Fuel.


But Make No Mistake The Heart Of This Spat Is About Legacy And That Debate Over Who’s The Greatest Ever…

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