Browns vs Lions Preseason Observations

NWO and Hogan Want #Johnny

hoyerBrian Hoyer, not Johnny Manziel, will start vs. Redskins


Brian Hoyer, not Johnny Manziel, will be the Browns starting quarterback against the Washington Redskins on Monday night. It will be Hoyer’s second straight start.



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Browns vs Lions Post-game Observations


Offense/Defense Breakdown – Game Grades


We Will Have A Full Discussion WAOB Show #11


wpid-wp-1407685744969.jpegOffense:  Thought Brian Hoyer played well in first live action since his injury.   Wasn’t seeing ghosts.  Threw a couple high but ball was on time.   Based on Hoyer performance, I see no way Johnny is starting in Pittsburgh Week 1.  This Offense is going to struggle without Josh Gordon.  Johnny Football looked good as well, you can see the creativity in his game. Thought he was very composed and had good huddle presence. Ben Tate ran hard and loved Terrence West! Taylor Gabriel was a nice surprise,  Wilie Snead sucks and Charles Johnson is intrigues me.

Defense:  Line is very deep and very good. Like the misdirection scheme.  Kirksey and Robertson looked good vs run and pass. Don’t sleep on Mingo. Big Phil Taylor looks real fast for his size seems in great shape. Safety depth is a concern and Desir needs to learn how to tackle.


Overall Grade:  C-

Too many mistakes on both sides of the ball. Bad ST coverage. Good return game. Got to put it in the end zone. Bad on 3rd down. Drops. Did like the aggressive physical style we are playing on both sides. REFEREEING was…



wpid-wp-1407685734366.jpegOffense:   Hoyer still quick with his delivery and decision making, also looked great on his knee rolling out.  Needed more playing time to settle down, because throwing high especially over the middle will lead to interceptions. Remember the Vikings game last year. Johnny showed us his talent plus the inexperience of a rookie.  Locked on receivers and didn’t go through progressions. Both suffered from either bad game plan by Shanahan or lack of comfort-ability  to execute those plays.  Zone read is very hard for a young Quarterback in his first start ever in the NFL.  Was disappointed in running game with all backs and offensive line, drastic improvement needed.  The passing attack cant stretch the field without Gordon and Cameron, so Trader Ray hit the phones!!!

wpid-wp-1407685754459.jpegDefense:  The Line continues to be a source of pride for the Browns although Kruger and Sheard continue to be invisible out there.  Bryant Taylor and Mingo look like game changers!  Linebacking corps left alot to be desired Kirksey struggled in coverage and with tackling. The secondary needs Gilbert to be more than projected, Desir has a long way to go. Mcfadden actually looked good late though.

Overall Grade: C

Blocking and Tackling are still something we see Browns struggle with.  Had to remember after first series, all the changes, and upheaval that everyone is new again. Team has a long way to go,  but it will be an interesting season!

As Always #GoBrowns





 Hoyer Named Game 1 Starter CLEvsWAS Reactions


Brian Hoyer Named Starting QB for Cleveland Browns

Richard Lipski/Associated Press

The Johnny Football era in Cleveland will have to wait. Browns head coach Mike Pettine named Brian Hoyer his starting quarterback for Week 1 on Wednesday as the veteran was able to stave off Manziel throughout the preseason. Vic Carucci of announced the move:

Brian Hoyer has been named the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback, coach Mike Pettine announced this morning.

Hoyer, who started in both of the Browns’ preseason games, won the competition against rookie Johnny Manziel.

Ultimately, Hoyer’s biggest advantages are that he has played in the NFL for five years and the leadership qualities he has displayed.

“He was the clear leader from the beginning,” Pettine said. “We’ve maintained all along that if it was close, I would prefer to go with the more experienced player. Brian has done a great job in the meeting rooms and with his teammates on the practice field and in the locker room.”

Pettine talked about the thought process behind the decision, per Carucci:

Pettine said that he took much more into account than one performance or what was done in either preseason game. He said he considered Hoyer’s “body of work,” which includes leading the Browns to victories in the two full games he played as a starter last season and the way he has prepared himself throughout the spring and in training camp.

“I think Brian’s been very poised,” Pettine said. “I think he’s handled the situation well. He’s had a lot of things going on.”

The most significant is the way Hoyer has battled back from the torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in his right knee during the Browns’ Oct. 3 victory against the Buffalo Bills.

“I think a lot of people discount that,” the coach said. “Here’s a guy coming off of a season-ending knee injury. Really, these are his first, essentially, 20-25 plays of live work back from it, and he’s only going to get better.”

Cleveland vs Washington Initial Reactions

bro vs red11

Offense – Wow, do we have problems on offense! It looked like we had never practiced any of those plays. What is evident is that no one on the offense is comfortable with the new complex scheme of Kyle Shanahan. I picture Joe Bro vs red 2Thomas at his locker just shaking his head. The lack of continuity is obvious on every level not just the quarterback position. Thought Ben Tate ran hard and Marquise Gray could be a big time weapon but has to hold onto the ball. Gordon seemed disinterested and had no business being in the game late 3rd quarter.  This move by the coaching staff raises more questions with Gordon, considering pending regular season suspension.  Breaking news, John Football has a lot of maturing to do. Brian Hoyer needs to get the reps in order to get comfortable enough to give us a chance in our first 3 games.
Defense – Now for the good news. The Browns defense has play-makers and looked fast to the ball. Not too worried about bro vs red 6all the flags or penalties. NFL officials are making a point this preseason, it will be shocking if regular season games are called this close. Joe Haden looked bad but going to cut him some slack. The defensive line seems to be dominating in this scheme with a lot of flexibility in personnel. Linebackers were okay, but tackling needs to improve. Like the physicality of Justin Gilbert but you could tell he is still learning. This defense has shown that red-zone scoring will be difficult. Looks like bend but don’t break, and big plays will be the calling card.
Special Teams were better. Not being able to kick off deep in to the end zone remains a concern. Lanning was good and coverage down the field was better. Still a missing a Field Goal is never promising.
Overall Grade: D-
The Cleveland Browns effort was boarder line embarrassing. The good news is it’s preseason with 2 games left and there is time left to for team to grow.  Game 3 will be very telling. It’s not the mistakes but the way your respond. Nowhere to go but up.

Offense – It seems Kyle Shanahan wants every QB that wears a Browns Uniform to be Tom Hanks with ability to bro vs red 5decipher his Da Vinci Code Style Offense. We need Shanahan to tailor his offense to the talent on the roster or a trail of breadcrumbs that Nic Cage could follow like National Treasure. Mitchell Schwartz is compounding offensive problems with his lack of development in 3 years. Schwartz simply can’t play in the NFL, creates a liability for anyone playing quarterback.  Ben Tate brought the pain, and Terrence West had the moves like Jagger!  Timing between either QB and Wide Receivers was atrocious! Now Hoyer has been named the starter even though neither QB has distinguished themselves during the preseason games. Coach Pettine has shown through this heavily media scrutinized process supposedly competition that he’s still a Rookie too!  Please Stop The Zone Read Plays

Defense – In the trenches the Browns Defensive Line will be the shining star of the Mike Pettine coaching era!  Phil bro vs red 9Taylor, Armani Bryant are bringing effort matched with there natural talent that gets you off the couch cheering! There was a Paul Kruger Sighting! Mingo needs to finish plays and someone please tell Jabaal Sheard games start in the first half! Why did Justin Gilbert not play more? Delayed satisfaction of Browns first draft pick with this young man’s performance during his limited minutes. Tashaun Gipson looked great! Donte Whitner is so beloved it hurts to say this but better wake up in coverage because it wont just be Buffalo Bills players wives calling him “Toast”.  The Line-backing corps continues to be the biggest concern, hopefully there saving it for the regular season.  Really feel that defense will make this team watchable, but that we might have seen this movie before!  Last season the Browns offense couldn’t possess the ball long enough that the defense could sustain a high level throughout a whole game. 

Special Teams -Needs to keep practicing everything!

Overall Grade: F

wpid-20140820_110553.jpgAll Hope Was Lost Monday Night In DC! Johnny’s finger gesture to the Washington bench is the gesture that is applicable to the Browns Offense! Its not all doom and gloom though just think its time to find answers than more questions. Short week with short time, but with focus off so called quarterback competition now we will see how fast this team can gel.

The Cleveland Browns have succeeded with one thing, they have limited our expectations for the season!


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