Eye Witness Accounts From Ohio’s MMA Events By WithAnOhioBias

Thank You To Nichole Castillo and Scott Sheeley

Everyone Involved For A Great Night In Akron

Amateur Fights

 It Was A Good Night For Pennslyvania Fighters

 Geronimo Velasquez First Round KO Win Over Nick Monteleone

In Both WMMA Bouts – Team Viper MMA Stole The Show

Hope Chase Unleashed Fury And Garnered Victory Over Chasity Jessee

Brigid “The Beast” Chase Wrecked Havoc On Her Opponent Stephanie Lehecka For The First Round KO

Strong Style Fighters Went 1-1

With UFC Teammate Jessica Evil Eye In Attendance

Ben Willeford Was Victorious By Guillotine Over AJ Wilkins

Kevin Ulrich Was Victorious In His Debut Which Provided

The Spark For A Huge Night For The Mayanz Fight Team Out Of Canton, OH

Pro Fights

Chicagoan Charlie Radtke Defeated Jeff Pelton Of Strong Style With A Second Round KO

Only To Then Grab The Mic With A Profane Laced Rant That Was Very Disrespectful To His Opponent’s Coaches and Audience

The Main Event Went The Distance Damonte “Django” Robinson Used His Wrestling Background To Score Takedowns and Overcome Wicked Leg Kicks From Jeremiah Yaeger To Garner The Unanimous Decision


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