Antonio Castillo Jr Carries OHIO Flag

Antonio The Mexican Muscle Castillo Jr

Fights Mark Cherico This Saturday At 7pm

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Antonio Castillo Jr v Mark Cherico Featherweight Pinnacle Fight Series Co-Main Event

The Ohio Native Shares Thoughts On His Upcoming Bout

WAOB:  How Important Is This Upcoming Fight?

ACJr:  It’s A Fight That I’ve Wanted For About 3-4 Years Now. It’s Been Hard To Schedule. But It’s Finally Happening Saturday Night. Me Wanting This Fight Has Been Pretty High!


WAOB: How Has Training With The Mayanz Hungry Fighters Prepared You For This Fight?

ACJr: When I Decided To Start The Mayanz Fight Team I Knew Something Would Suffer. Either My Career or The Progress Of The Fighters. It Took Three Years To Get The Right Guys And Build A Foundation That Allows Both To Be Successful.  In My Last 3 Fights, I Am 1-2 Maybe Because Of Not Being Selfish About My Career. But Now During This Camp Were Right Where We Want To Be. I Have To Thank Coach Scott Sheely In Columbus and All Of The Guys For Hard work They Put In With Me. Also, My Family and Wife Who Always Inspires Me. She Told Me To Remember Don’t Fight To Be The Next Best Thing But Fight Because You Want To Be Under The Lights!

WAOB: How Do You Feel About Fighting In Your Opponent’s Hometown?

ACJr:  It’s How I Started My Career Going Into Other People’s Houses Taking Fights Wherever. Being The Bad Guy and Feeding Off The Energy Of The Crowd.image

WAOB: What Do You Know About Your Opponent?

ACJr: He Kinda Does The Same Thing I Do Just Not As Well. Like I Said We’ve Been Trying To Get This Fight For 3-4 Years During That Time He Has Fought A Lot Of Bums To Get That 10-1 Record. I Expect He Has Been Working On His Takedown Defense To Be Prepared For My Wrestling. But During This Nine Week Training Camp, My Standup Has Been The Focus. If He Expects Me To Wrestle It Will Be A Huge Mistake.

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