Top Five Tips For March Madness

Top Five With Bias



Tips For March Madness


Either For Fun Or To Win Some Cash The Most Exciting Time Of Year Is Upon Us!

Here’s Some Advice To Help Your Brackets


How To Start – Take a quick look at the team’s roster and season stats. Size matters in the tournament and could make the difference between a first round win or an early exit. A roster of hobbits will probably have a hard time against the taller trees. With season stats your looking for balanced scoring teams with multiple players averaging double digits, or individuals that stand out. These parameters can help you decide in games with teams your not familiar with.


Know What You Know – Trust yourself pick the match-ups you know first or stand out to you. Just like the standardized test if you don’t know an answer skip that game and come back to it.


Espn Is Not Your Friend – Take your time, it’s imperative to know injuries and team issues. I’m not saying you need to research like a Vegas Handicapper but if it trends on Sportscenter come Thursday morning have that information reflected in your bracket. Just have your picks in by Noon of Game Day!

Never Fear – When in doubt in with a match-up look at the team’s record in conference tournament. Did they have an early exit? Also how did they fair in last five games of the season?


Go Against The Grain – Don’t go by name identification, or school’s attendance. It’s called March Madness for a reason and there will always be Upsets!!!

As Always Enjoy #MarchMadness

Ashley Judd

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