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Greater Columbus Convention Center

400 N. HIGH ST.

noon: masters weightlifting

4 p.m.: amateur bodybuilding; fitness, figure and bikini; men’s classic and men’s masters bodybuilding prejudging and finals ($25)

Hilton Columbus Downtown

401 N. HIGH ST.

7 p.m.: meet-and-greet with International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness professionals ($25)

Ohio Expo Center

I-71 AND E. 17TH AVE.

7:30 p.m.: “Guns & Hoses” boxing, Celeste Center ($25 to $40)



Convention Center

7 a.m.: fencing, Hyatt Regency

8 a.m.: gymnastics, USA powerlifting

8:30 a.m.: “Art at the Arnold,” education seminars for fitness professionals

9 a.m.: Arnold Fitness Expo, with demonstrations and entertainment throughout the day; amateur strongman preliminaries

9 a.m.: amateur bodybuilding, figure and physique ($25)

9:30 a.m.: ultimate teen challenge

10 a.m.: weightlifting

noon: meet-and-greet with former mixed-martial-arts champion Randy Couture

5 p.m.: martial arts, boxing and grappling

7 p.m.: Arnold Classic, fitness and figure international finals, and pole-fitness national championship ($50 to $75)


Lifestyle Communities Pavilion


7:30 p.m.: amateur mixed-martial arts ($30 to $120)

Ohio Expo Center

8 a.m.: archery state tournament, Lausche Building; powerlifting, Rhodes Center

10 a.m.: CrossFit Endeavor, Coliseum; pickleball, Buckeye Building

noon: table tennis, Voinovich Livestock and Trade Center

3 p.m.: cheerleading and dance, Celeste Center


Convention Center

8 a.m.: martial arts, boxing, grappling; gymnastics; powerlifting

9 a.m.: pole fitness, America’s Next Great Trainer, weightlifting, “WWE Experience,” Arnold Fitness Expo

9:30 p.m.: Ultimate Teen Challenge

2 p.m.: Arnold Classic, Bikini International and Strongman Classic Finals ($50 to $100)

Hollywood Casino


9 p.m.: “Party With the Pros” ($25, must be at least 21 to attend)

Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

7:30 p.m.: professional boxing ($30 to $100)

Nationwide Arena


7:30 a.m.: chess

New Albany High School

7600 FODOR RD.

10 a.m.: swimming

Ohio Expo Center

8 a.m.: cheerleading and dance, Celeste Center; pickleball, Buckeye Building; powerlifting, Rhodes Center; table tennis, Voinovich center

9 a.m.: archery, Lausche Building; equestrian, Cooper Arena; Kids Fitness Expo, Bricker Building (Scottish dancers, 9:15 a.m.; “hooping ninja,” 9:45 a.m.; comic juggler, 10 a.m.; Irish dance, 10:30 a.m.; jugglers, 11:30a.m.; concert: New Hollow, noon; “Quest for Talent” finals, 1 p.m.; Ohio State University cheerleaders, 2:45 p.m.; chess: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. 8-year-old Emma Chang, 3 p.m.; Jedi fencing, 3:30 p.m.; rope jumping, 4:15 p.m.; dance, 4:30 p.m.)

Ohio History Center

I-71 AND E. 17TH AVE.

9 a.m.: disc golf

Stars Indoor Sports


8 a.m.: 3 vs. 3 soccer



Convention Center

7 a.m.: 5K Pump & Run weightlifting; martial arts, boxing and grappling; fencing

8 a.m.: gymnastics, indoor rowing; youth DanceSport

9:15 p.m.: Arnold 5K Run

9:30 a.m.: Ultimate Teen Challenge

10 a.m.: “Art at the Arnold,” USA powerlifting, “WWE Experience,” Arnold Fitness Expo

10:30 a.m.: 5K Pump & Run

Hilton Columbus Downtown

11 a.m.: Sunday Showcase ($25)

Ohio Expo Center

8 a.m.: cheerleading and dance, Celeste Center; pickleball, Buckeye Building; table tennis, Voinovich center

9 a.m.: archery, Lausche Building; equestrian, Cooper Arena

10 a.m.: Kids Fitness Expo, Bricker Building (rope jumping, 10 a.m.; jugglers, 12:30p.m.; Irish dance, 1 p.m. hula hoop, 2 p.m.; extreme table tennis, 2:30 p.m.; Pinnell dance, 3 p.m.); CrossFit Endeavor, Coliseum

Stars Indoor Sports

8 a.m.: 3 vs. 3 soccer

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